I was born in Trieste where I lived the first 25 years of my life. Then, I met @cosimoalema and I suddenly ended up living in Rome. We got a dog (Jacques), we got married and then we had Bernardo.

Trieste is the city that I have always wished to leave, but that now from afar I miss a lot. Roma is the city that made me fall in love (in every sense!), a magical place, sometimes difficult to accept with its thousand of imperfections, but that offers many emotions every day.
Between Trieste and Rome there are our trips from one Italian city to another (sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure), and our travels (when we have the time).

Then, in a September’s day, when Bernardo was still a baby, I wasn’t working, and I was spending my days mostly changing nappies, I decided to create this blog!
It all started from Rome and Trieste, from Instagram and the photography, from the desire to discover new places, near and far.


What is this blog about?

A guide to make you discover the most beautiful places I discovered during my travels
A different way to discover the places that surround you
A fun place where you can take inspiration for your photos

What will you find in this blog?

Travel tips for Italy and abroad
Stories about Rome and Trieste
News from Instagram


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